Automatically extracting information from unstructured documents like invoices, Financial Statements and Bank Statement.


It can recognize documents like Invoices, Credit Notes, Debit Notes or Proforma Invoices flowing in the AP process.


The recognized documents are categorized automatically according to their type defined by the AP Process.


It understands the relevant information which needs to be picked up from the documents which have been categorized.


ALLSpark improves its efficiency and accuracy over the time making processing Invoices & Financial Statements look like a cake walk which are tedious when performed manually.

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AllSpark employs intelligent automation where the user can train the system directly on production and the data extraction and processing can happen across different formats.

Generic Machine Learning


The system works on a robust generic ML algorithm and thus can extract information from documents present in variety of formats even if the system may or may not be trained on a specific format.

Automated Table Extraction


AllSpark does not require any manual/RPA intervention while extracting data from tables or capturing line items from invoices. The system performs table extraction swiftly without any external help.

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