Ikarus is a software company that develops solutions to automate manual repetitive tasks for businesses. We have created a Process Automation framework which leverages advanced machine learning algorithms to work on unstructured text documents like invoices, forms, contracts and emails. Using our solutions, businesses can automate their processes with high accuracy and significant savings in cost and time!

User Friendly

We provide Most User Friendly platform which can be learnt to use in less than 10 mins and the business starts at the 11th.

AI Augmented Platform

Ikarus provides next gen platforms to RPA where the system can work across different repetitive tasks with historic learning.


Ikarus follows globally approved and recognized parameters on IT security and Infrastructure when it comes to automating manual driven processes.


Ikarus automation products provide scalability in process to any industry when it comes to scale the internal processes around data management and document processing. Same time consumption metrics on processes when business grows by n-times.

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